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Home Care Insurance- Long-Term Care Insurance

home care insurance barrie simcoeThe chances of living past the age of 100 are higher than ever with all of today’s technological advancements.

Many individuals are, unfortunately, misinformed regarding the coverage and availability of government subsidies for services important to senior citizens such as long-term care. As an example, long-term care is not covered by the public health care system in Ontario.

Further, government health care plans do not automatically cover assisted living though support may be available to families who are struggling and even then only a portion of the costs will be covered. Unfortunately this means that all or a large portion of these costs have to be payed out of pocket by families.

What is long-term care insurance?

In the event that you become unable to care for yourself, long-term care insurance provides financial protection from the debilitating consequences of a chronic illness; disability; cognitive impairment, or other age-related conditions that make the performance of daily activities difficult without assistance.

Long-term care plans can cover costs associated with being in nursing homes, chronic care facilities, as well as the costs of hiring a home care provider.

There are typically two forms of long-term care insurance available. One offers reimbursements for eligible expenses. The second is an income style plan that offers a pre-determined monthly benefit amount.

Most plans include a 30-90 day waiting period before benefits become payable.

Most life and health insurance plans are designed to complement provincial health care plans are offered by many life and health insurance providers in Canada.


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