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Choosing a Home Care Provider in Simcoe County

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5 Mistakes you should avoid in choosing home care:

After an emergency is typically when most people begin to shop for home care. These circumstances can be stressful and overwhelming especially when one needs to make crucial decisions such as selecting a home care provider, with limited knowledge and familiarity regarding the types of questions one should be asking.

Here are 5 potential mistakes you can avoid when choosing home care:

Mistake #1: Many Canadians believe that as Canadians with “universal healthcare” everything is already taken care of. We are often met with surprise when individuals learn how limited the subsidies to home care are. One should not assume that what your loved one requires is covered by your provincial health care system – ask your physician. The right agency will work with you to develop a care plan that meets your needs, and will work within your allowable budget to allow you the opportunity to get the most value for the money you can spend.

Mistake #2: Not all home care companies offer Nurse supervised care where caregivers are under the direction of a qualified Nurse. Don’t assume all home care companies are managed by nurses or certified professionals. Needs and requirements change as your loved one ages and situations arise where it becomes critical to have the right professionals engaged in the management of their care.

Mistake #3: Don’t assume that your parents’ need for care is aligned with their readiness to accept it. Many family members that contact us are often dealing with resistance from their parents regarding accepting help. This is not uncommon but can be effectively overcome if one uses the proper approach. Ask each home care agency how they will manage any resistance and what they can do to help your loved one transition into accepting help.

Mistake #4: Given the common surprise regarding the lack of coverage from provincial health plans, many people weigh price heavily in the decision for securing home care. It is very important to remember that price, while not an irrelevant consideration, is only significant in the absence of value. Price should absolutely be factored into the decision but needs to be weighed alongside other considerations such as the level of personalisation, the importance of burse-supervised care, a properly insured agency, meeting national standards for care, etc. How will the home care agency align with my loved one’s preferences, requirements, and unique needs? How often with my loved one’s situation be assessed so that the care delivered is consistent with the need? How consistent, reliable and often will they communicate with you about the current and evolving needs of your loved one?

Mistake #5: Some families hire individuals privately and often “under-the-table”, for cash. Unfortunately, there are too many (thousands) of documented cases in Canada of poor quality, theft and even abuse in situations of private care. While there are many legitimate vehicles for hiring such individuals, sites like Kijiji or Craigslist, do not screen or protect you from the potential negative outcomes possible. Research into their credentials or background needs to be done by you. Furthermore, in addition to the illegalities associated with working under the table, there are real risks of injury and theft associated with uninsured care. Anyone handling the care of your loved one needs proper, ongoing training and supervision to make sure that what your loved one is experiencing is what you are expecting.

Questions to consider when selecting a home care provider in your area:
  • What services are provided?
  • What is the wait time between my initial request for service and the first home visit?
  • Will my private insurance cover the cost of your service?
  • Will caregivers be assigned to ensure continuity, or will there be a new caregiver each time?
  • Who should I call in case of emergency, even after-hours?
  • Is a referral from my doctor required?
  • Is there a minimum charge?
  • Is an in-home assessment provided? Is there a charge?
  • Is a nurse assigned to assess my situation and determine my needs?
  • Is it an accredited healthcare service?
  • Can their caregivers be called in on short notice? Is there an extra charge?
  • Can they provide their services on holidays or after normal business hours?
  • Are their caregivers trained? What levels of education or experience do they have?
  • Are their health care providers insured?
  • Are their nurses provided with specialized training in certain diseases or injuries?
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